Tech Editing Services

I can help you have consistent branding and build your reputation of producing easy to follow, professional patterns

Are you a crochet or knitting pattern designer/writer and do you need a tech editor?

If the answer is yes to the first question, the answer to the second question should also be yes!

But I check my own patterns and use Pattern Testers...

Checking your own patterns is great but we've all had that experience of sitting looking at something for so long the mistakes just blur in. I'm going to be honest - after proof-reading this page at least 5 times I still ask my partner to check it. It makes sense. I want my work to be accurate and professional.

Tech Editing is an important part of ensuring your pattern is accurate, easy to follow and high quality before it even gets to your testers. It ensures you will have less work to do in the long run, with fewer queries from testers and those who purchase your patterns.

I check more than just spelling and grammar. I am able to check your written instructions with any charts or photos provided of the finished piece, ensure the measurements are correct and, most importantly, that this pattern is the best it can be before publication.

Why me?

I have completed both the Crochet and Knitting Tech Editing course, hosted by UK leading Tech Editor Carol Ibbetson, I can email you a copy of the certificate by request. Carol's course is comprehensive and you can find out more about it here.

I have a scientific background, having completed a PhD in Chemistry, and love the nitty gritty details. I love the numbers and the technical bits behind your pattern. I will check every line and ensure your creativity shines through.

What will I check?

  • That all the maths are correct, from stitch counts to pattern repeats.
  • Work to a Style Sheet or a previously published pattern to ensure your branding and personality is carried through on each pattern.
  • Ensure the terminology is accurate (UK and US), abbreviations are consistent and easy to follow
  • Check charts are accurate according to written instructions, and produce charts from written instructions if necessary
  • Ensure all parts are included in making-up instructions

How much does it cost?

I charge an hourly rate and this will depend on the length and complexity of your pattern and how much formatting there is to to do. I'm happy to look at a pattern and give you an estimate on how much it will cost before I embark on a project and send you an invoice. We both want me to be affordable and value for money.

What next?

If you drop me an email or use the contact form below we can start a discussion on what it is you require from me.

Drop me a line on and I will get back to you within 2 working days.


Lyndsey Allen -  Artisan Crochet Designs

"I can't thank Katie enough for her exceptional tech editing services. She not only helped me improve the clarity and consistency of my bag patterns but also provided valuable insights on my stylesheet. Katie is efficient and attentive and provides constructive helpful feedback. I look forward to working with you again."

Sally - I Can Craft

"Katie tech edited a crochet pattern for me and I was thrilled at how she was able to pick up the smallest detail that made my pattern look and read better, whilst also working through formatting issues from my style sheet. Katie was consistently professional, and I knew exactly when she was available to me, and I always felt listened too. I certainly would recommend Katie's tech editing service. Thank you."

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